If you ever wonder why I did or can do it, Just halt your mind.

In our life, we all make decisions at some point, whether harsh one or lose one from deciding to holding someone hands forever to buying your favourite burrito. Decisions sometimes are really easy and sometimes becomes a pain or headache for your life.

Our life is based on decisions or more simply it’s a combination of decisions that decide our life’s formation or How will you gonna living it ??. for answering it totally depends on life’s phase. Every individual life has a Past, Present and Future.

Today’s individual or millennials problems are mostly due to their past and not…

In this part, we’ll discuss Microservices and Why it’s gaining popularity in the Tech Industry.

First, What is Microservices?

Microservices is an architectural design for building a distributed application using containers. Microservices get their name because each function of the application operates as an independent service. This architecture allows for each service to scale or update without disrupting other services in the application.

Ahh lesser techie definition required ?? Down below

So, Let’s imagine a government is trying to build or develop a Highway in their country but how the government will gonna plan for it. Well, answer they will divide the process into small processes and that’s it. they will build the highway in phases and even there…

So, What is Load balancer thing and where does it use?? Let Find out Below

So, the term Load balancer comes from the late 1990s when companies technology companies couldn't handle the bulk of traffic in single mainframe computers and they really don’t have a budget to buy a new one.

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” — Thomas Alva Edison

Edison’s quote suits very well in the late 1990s situation, then they came through the term Load Balancer, A Load Balancer is a device which acts as a reverse proxy and distributes over…

what do you understand from the term database sharding ??

Well, The word “Shard” means “a small part of a whole“. Hence Sharding means dividing a larger part into smaller parts. That means dividing the database into small databases. Well, actually yes but how ?? the answer is below.

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